Ruben Hufalar Electrical Engineer







CITY ADDRESSES                                                                             MOBILE CONTACT NO:

·         1238 Blumintritt Street, Sampaloc Manila,                     (0919-447-81-98) Smart

(Philippines )                                                                               (+63) 413-24-72  Land Line


PROVINCIAL ADDRESS                                                                   EMAIL ADDRES

·         65 Rizal Street, Tayug Pangasinan                                 [email protected]



·         I have twelve (12) years of extensive experiences as, Electrical Engineer, in electrical construction business industry. Five (8) years experience’s in “project  management as, Electrical Inspector”, for a various larges and medium project  in electrical construction’s for industrial building, commercial mall building, housing project, high rise building and horizontal buildings,  street lighting at main road  highway, loop ground underground power duct bank, including medium voltages aerial transmission.

·         Four (4) years experience as Maintenance Facilities Engineer for fabric and commercial industry, one (1) year experience as, instructor in electrical and (refrigeration and air-conditioning.)

·         Four years experience in MEPFS inspector in (Project Management Team) in high rise condominium building. So I hope these experience gathered will be fully contribute to the company.




·         Design and build electrical plans for High Rise Building Condominium, Supermarket. Industrial Warehouse, Super Market, Housing  Project.

·         Quantifying estimating and costing of propose electrical construction plan.

·         Specification writing in accordance with approved international, national electrical code (NEC) and local electrical engineering standard, Philippine electrical code (PEC)

·         Field supervision and/or implementation of electrical project in accordance with the approved plans, specification, schedule and budget.

·         Preparation of document for bidding/proposed construction project.

·         Preventive and corrective maintenance on electrical / mechanical and electronics facilities system.

·         Doing multi-task to meet deadlines in timely manner.

·         Design of electrical mechanical control for HAVC Air-conditioning  pumps, remote for blowers exhaust & supply fans.






Address:                                Rm 3J Enriqueta Bldg., 422 Amoranto St. Corner D Tuazon St. Quezon City.

Position:                                Electrical  Engineer / Inspector

Year:                       2016  to 2017 ( Present )


Duties and Responsibilities.

·         Over all in charges of all ongoing project for electrical construction of building.

·         Estimating of incoming project from our company. For biding comparison to bidders.

·         Evaluating of incoming additional works. Quantifying and costing.

·         Checking of contracts conduct a memo to the contractor all aspect as per required in document in ongoing construction.

·         Site inspection monitoring at site.



2.     DEVEX INCORPORATED (General Contractor)

Address:                                29 Pilar Street, San Juan Metro Manila 1500 Philippines

Position:                                MEPFS Engineer / ( Project Engr. In-charges )

Year:                       2014-2016


Duties and Responsibilities.

·         Conduct design of electrical plans for high rise office condominium building, super markets, Industrial warehouse and power supply for cold storages, refrigeration and air conditioning system.

·         Site monitoring and supervision.

·         Over all project in-charges for (Civil Works, Architectural works and MEPFS system.)

·         Quantifying and costing of proposed design.

·         Checking of pre-bid by our sub contractor.

·         Project in-charges for fit-out works  and ground zero for (civil, architectural and mepfs works.)



Address:                                3F-ALCON BUILDING 2014-IR, MAGSAYSAY AVENUE GUADALUPE, NUEVO MAKATI CITY.

Position:                                Electrical Engineer Inspector

Year:                       2013-2014


Duties and Responsibilities.

·         Design upgrading of 13.8kv power substation, transformer, HV/LV switches gear, power feeder relocation / rerouting of raceways and cable.

·         Conduct electrical design plan as instructed my end user and submit for approval by nestle owner representative.

·         Prepare in-house quantity cost estimate and pre-bid scope of works submit to to my end user.

·         Conduct pre-bid to the electrical contractor.

·         Prepare quantity breakdown cost comparison and cost reconciliation from bid scope.

·         Project management supervision at site.





Address:                                829/831 PENTHOUSE BLDG., UNIVERSITY TOWER 1, MORET ST. SAMPALOC MANILA

Position:                                MEPFS – Inspector

Year:                       2009-2013


Duties and Responsibilities.

·         Over all in-charges of MEPF system both project University Tower 2 & 3. As owner side engineer and construction management team.

·         Weekly directly report to the construction manager & company president regarding the works status of the construction of both building. Including report of all facilities of existing condominium building.

·         Coordinate / meeting of all contractors of MEPS with the gen-con with regards to the constructions works execution layout at site of each system and mandated coordinate all necessary propose layout construction shop drawing for mechanical, electrical, plumbing/sanitary & fire protection system.

·          Daily monitoring of both tower of MEPF layouts at site if some discrepancies within as per construction plan. Ensure at site to comply all works required as per specification required, including safety rules at site.

·         Responsible for evaluation of billings, cost proposal, changes order, variation of works. Prepare all billings certification submitted by the contractor and submit to construction manager and vice president for payment of bill.

·         Review and comments of all MEPF shop drawing for approval prior to execution at site. Including approval of MEPFS materials submitted by the gen con which is pre approved by the consultant designer and owner engineer in charges.

·         Prepare all necessary design of propose construction layout and calculation which is required by our company architect of various commercial project by our company PJDC within my expertise.

·         Prepared all documentation/memo letters to all sub contractors and gen con., all necessary of such project management required.

·         Request ordering all owner furnish materials needed by the contractors.

·         Prepared/conduct punch listing at site and issued to the contractor for their rectification at site.

·         Responsible all commissioning attest at site prior to acceptance.

·         Review all materials requested by all administrators of existing condominiums building, make comments and submit to our vice president for approval & purchase.




Address:                                3F-Kavi Building, 183 E Rodriguez Avenue, Libis Quezon City

Position:                                Electrical Engineer / Project Manager

Year:                       2008-2009


Duties and Responsibilities.

·         Responsible for the over all supervision and monitoring on the electrical construction of tool plaza building (TP),  tool supervision building (TSB) and lamp post lighting in main highway road (SLEX)

·         Prepare on electrical wiring design for the lighting and power of tool plaza building (TP), temporary feeder power supply up to meralco pedestal utility co.

·         Secure building permit and electrical permit on each designated project

·         Coordinate and review the electrical plans if some discrepancies from other utility will be immediate work-out to the project management

·         Prepare the following sample materials & submitted to project management for their approval prior to procurement are the following

a) Wires and Cable, conduits, fittings, boxes or junction boxes, wiring devices, lighting fixtures, panel board as per required specified plan and specs

·         Submit, prepared shop drawing layout and submitted to the project management prior to layout or implement

·         Request and check all materials needed in on-going construction

·         Prepare in writing letter all needed document to project management and my company superior as, needed

·         Conduct meeting to my subordinate field engineer and foreman

·         Attend weekly management meeting to my company and coordination meeting to the project management



Address:                                Bldg 7462, Korean Industrial Park, M.L. Quezon & CM Recto Highway, CSEC.

Clark Field, Pangpanga

Position:                                Facilities Engineer / Maintenance Manager

Year:       June 1, 2006 to March 18, 2008


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Responsible for the over all supervision of its maintenance team of the building and the production requirements of the fabric industry and insuring electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, boiler, cooling system and other equipment related to its operation are properly monitored and maintained to its high performance

·         Supervise daily check and record of all electrical and mechanical controls of company’s of cooling system and air-conditioning units. Which ever found defective shall be immediate be address by coordinating with building administrator or the owner president for appropriate action

·         Supervise inventory of control stock materials and equipment including tools used in maintenance operation and reports submitted to accounting manager copy furnish to admin manager on monthly basis

·         Acquired preventive maintenance program for all electrical, mechanical, electronics, equipment such us, generator, cooling system, air-conditioning unit package type, window type and split type units, including but not limited to the needle detector machine

·         Maintaining shop management to ensure proper preparation and submission of job orders, requisition slips, job estimate, proposed layout design

·         Guide and works with the team in diagnosing, trouble shooting and repairing electrical, mechanical, electronics, needs in relevance to all equipment of the industry

·         Submission of weekly reports for:

a.)    Maintenance project as per job orders

b.)    Monitoring reports of cooling system performance

c.)    Maintenance schedule of cooling system, boiler, gen-set, needle detector machine & inspection machine

d.)    Develop planning plan for the enhancement of the building & maintenance facilities

·         Organized meeting with the team or with concerned department / on matters affecting the smooth implementation of the project or policies

·         Implement safety measure / policies of the company

·         Recommends disciplinary action on erring employees under my supervision with respect to violation of company policies, rules and regulation

·         Undertake other duties and responsibilities as, requested by management




Address:                                Guadalupe, Makati City

Position:                                Electrical Inspector / Resident Electrical Engineer

Year:                       April 1, 2004 to May 30, 2006



Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Coordinate to engineering head and the manager of the department. Their requirements of electrical power supply in their respective production prior to coordinate to the electrical designer for the proposed electrical construction

·         Undertake check the proposed electrical designed, the detail, specification, prior to estimate and pre-bid

·         Estimating / quantifying and costing the whole electrical proposed construction plan and submit to the head of electrical engineering as reference in  budgeting prior to pre-bid

·         Coordinate to the owner/designer if some needs to add or if some discrepancies to modify

·         Prepare document invitation for pre-bid to the accredited electrical contractor given by (NESTLE PHILIPPINES) management

·         Conduct meeting to the electrical contractor and notice them,  which part of the pre-bid required to be implement

·         Evaluate the submitted pre-bid, which is lowest quote and complete quantities, cost, per specification required

·         Evaluation of pre-bid/prepare a covering letter and recommend to the owner which is the most lowest / economical to them to be awarding the project

·         Monitoring the actual layout on the electrical contractor daily

·         Check all required permit from the government agencies

·         Conduct coordination meeting to the electrical contractor on the smooth implementation of the project

·         Required on the  electrical contractor to submit sample materials product, such as, electrical conduit’s, wire & cable, boxes, junction boxes, devices, lighting fixtures, panel board, electrical controller, devices on the auxiliaries tel, fire alarms system, cctv,

·         Checking of the submitted billing from the electrical contractor and recommend to the owner for payment

·         Conduct testing and commissioning of the whole project as per on the electrical plan

·         Turn-over to the owner and assisting to the department manager when need our assisting on the various switches, power supply for a different electrical motor control




Address:                                192 Sto. Nino Street, Niog Bacoor Cavity City

Position:                                Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer

Year:                       November 1, 2000 to March 28, 2004


Duties and Responsibilities

·          In-charges supervision of all electrical aspect of the project

·         Check & evaluate all electrical specification required on the electrical plan, pre-bid quantities, and the designated electrical symbol on the specified location on plan

·         Prepare / “take off-estimate,” all materials quantities required on procurement

·         Prepared document and sample materials / brochure, specs as per required by the project management

·         Coordinate / discuss to the project management  and the other trade contractor discrepancies schedule of works on the approved layout

·         Attend meeting to the project management, serves as official representative of my company

·          Follow-up the immediate delivery of all needed materials

·         Prepare monthly billing, reports as per required my company and the project management accomplishment report

·         Call meeting among my personnel, “the field engineer, foreman, lead man and electrician’s” under my control to discuss matters, priorities, schedule deadlines on the implementation of the project

·         Testing and commissioning as per request by the project management




Address:                                28F- East Tower, PSE Tower, Ortigas, Pasig City

Position:                                Electrical Inspector / Electrical Engineer

Year:                       October 1, 1997 to July 31, 2000


Duties and Responsibilities

·          A. Estimating and Evaluation:

·         Prepare electrical design computation, wiring schedule and circuiting and submitted to my superior or manager professional electrical engineer (PEE) for approval, prior to issued and serve for pre-bid

·         Estimate all proposed incoming project, which is serve as budgeting and evaluation purposes

·         Canvassing and Costing all quantity “take off and costing”,  coming from different electrical supplier

·         Re-review all proposed electrical plan, to serve for value engineering

·         Estimating and evaluation all additional works as per variation issued order to the contractor

·         Joint / actual measuring of lay-outed electrical material’s, installed cost on a different project from the electrical contractor, such as. Duct bank power feeder and auxiliary system telephone, cctv and street lighting, serve as, evaluation for payment made

·           Re-review all proposed electrical plan, to serve for value engineering


·         B.) Electrical Inspection and  Monitoring:

·         Review the pre-bid electrical contract awarded to the electrical contractor, which is part of implementation at site

·         Prepare “document memo corresponding letter” and submitted to the electrical contractor, as mandatory required to be submit us, per (SOP) requirement’s are the following

a.)    Organization Chart

b.)    Bar Chart / Pert CPM

c.)    Construction Schedule

d.)    Actual Sample materials with brochure and catalog as per required on plan and specification

·         Inspection and Monitoring daily at site, coordination to the electrical contractor or project in charges

·         Evaluate and checking of billing, stock materials on stored @ site from the electrical contractor

·         Inspection and monitoring all loop circuits. Feeders system, loop equipment grounding and lightning arrester

·         Monitoring of testing and commissioning as joint conducted from electrical contractor




Address:                                373 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Position:                                Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer

Year:                       June 8, 1990 to September 30, 1997


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Review the awarded contract, all document ‘s issued as, specification, electrical proposed construction plan, detailed quantity and estimate prior to mobilization

·         Prepare all necessary “technical correspondent document’s” as requested by the project management / consultant


·         Prepared schedule of delivery to be serve on the project for procurement by the accounting department

·         Prepared schedule of manpower to be serve to work @ site

·         Weekly attend coordination meeting to the project management and coordinate to other trade regarding layout

·         Project in-charges, supervise all electrical layout and installation of the whole project,

·         Prepare the electrical design if some event  required by the project management, also instruct to the draftsman all necessary proposed electrical shop drawing for approval by the project management or consultant prior to implement

·         Conduct weekly meeting and systematically instruct by the field engineer, foreman for the priorities schedule on the smooth implementation of the project

·         Acquired all permit from government agencies as, per packages contract if any

·         Submit weekly accomplishment report to the project management and to my company (SOP) serve for monitoring during meeting in our company office

·         Testing and commissioning to all system as indicated on electrical plan




Address:                                587 E. Delos Santos Avenue, (EDSA) Cubao, Queson City

Position:                                Instructor / Electrical (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning.)

Year:                       June 7, 1989 to March 31, 1990


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Teach the student theoretical and actual laboratory as per syllable required and guideline’s

·         Prepare lesson plan for lectures and discuss all subject covers refrigeration and air-conditioning system

·         Supervise the learning activities of the student in performing actual laboratory to see to it? and ensure safety precaution measure

·         Prepared monthly updated grade and submit to registrar office

·         Special Review’s teach the student for preparation of their getting trade test required by the “DECS government agencies as their level enhancement

·         Attend monthly management meeting from the school director




Address:                                # 12 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Position:                                Facilities Maintenance Engineer

Year:                       November 10, 1987 to May 28, 1989


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Supervise daily check the operation and maintenance of electrical / mechanical, of the main office building including sanitary system, and carpentry

·         Scheduling Corrective and preventive maintenance of a centralize air-conditioning, refrigerator, window type ACU, packages type, split type units, drinking cooler system, chilled type pumps, condense pumps, all rotating electric motors own by the building

·         Monitoring daily the required temperature during operation of the building

·         Submit weekly report status of all electrical mechanical equipment to the VP-Engineering & furnish to building administrator

·         Prepare shop drawing to proposed development electrical, mechanical installation layout and submitted to engineering for approval and implement

·         Weekly run test the gen set as, required on brochure preventive maintenance maintenance



PROJECT INVOLVED                                              SITE ADDRESS                                   YEAR                     POSITION


Fast Cargo Warehouse                                       Elisco Road , Pasig City.                      2014-2015               MEPFS- Engr.

Alfamart Super Market                                           Las Pinas & Cavity Area

Savemore Market                                                   Tumauini, Isabela

Savemore Market                                                   Roxas Isabela

Devex Main Office  & Condiminium                     Mandaluyong City

Savemore Market                                                   Consolacion Cebu

Savemore Market                                                   Binangonan Rizal




University Tower 1 (32 story bldg.)                     Galicia St. Sampaloc Mla.                     2009-2013               MEPFS- Inspector

University Tower 2 (40 story bldg.)                     Pedro Gil St., Malate Mla.



Tool Plaza /Tool Supervision Bldg (TP/TSB)     Carmona, Slex, NB/SB                          2008-2009               Electrical Engr. /

Tool Plaza /Tool Supervision Bldg (TP/TSB)     Mamplasan, Slex, NB/SB                                                      Project Manager

Tool Plaza /Tool Supervision Bldg (TP/TSB)     Sta. Rosa, Slex, NB/SB




Manufacturing Building                                        Clark, Field Pangpanga                       2006-2008               Facilities Engr.

Maint. Manager


Nestle Philippines                                                Km 46 Barangay Niogan                       2004-2006               Electrical Inspector

Cabuyao, Laguna


Ishida Philippines                                                 FCIE Dasmarinas Cavity City                               2000-2004               Project Engineer

Mc Kinlley Tower (40 story twin tower bldg)      Global, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Hydraulic Laboratory

Yasaki Philippines Corp                                      Gen. Aguinaldo Imus Cavity City

Epson Philippines                                                                Terelay, Canlubang Laguna

Globe Telecom                                                      Dasmarinas, Cavity City

Texas Instrument                                                   Loakan Road, Baguio City





Altamira Subdivision                                             Midlands, Talisay, Batangas                                1997-2000               Electrical Inspector

President Joseph Strada House                          Tagaytay, Highlands, Tagaytay City

Woodlands Log Homes Subdivision (126 units)                               (do)

Highland Cinema                                                                  (do)

Steak House Ball Rm Building                                                             (do)

Belleview Condominium                                                       (do)



Two Lafayette Square Building                            Tordisillas Street, Makati City                              1990-1997               Project Engineer

Amcor anam Philippines                                      Techno Park, Sta. Rosa Laguna

Manila South woods Golf Villas                          South Woods, Carmona Cavity City

ABS-CBN Channel 2                                             Mother Ignacia Street, Queson City

City Land 10, Tower 1           111Gamboa Street, Makati City

Interphil Laboratory Incorporated                       Canlubang, Industrial State, Laguna

SM Shoe mart, Megga Mall                                   EDSA, Mandaluyong City

Prudential Life Plan                                                               Gamboa Street, Makati City




Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

University of Luzon (1982-1987)

Dagupan City, Pangasinan


License Number: (0016185)

October 1994 Rating: 72%

PRC- Sampaloc, Manila


Electronics Technician

Oriental Institute of Technology

Sta Cruz, Manila (1992-1994)




Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE) – 1994 to Present

Electrical Engineering Student Society (EES) / University Of Luzon Chapter – 1982-1987






Continuous Power Quality Protection Engineering – October 5, 1994

Venue: Quezon City Sport Club Center


Electrical Estimating – February 13 to 20, 1994

Venue: Corpus Engineering Review Center (CERC) Sampaloc Manila


Design of Low Voltages / Medium Voltages Power Supply – March 12 to 26, 1996

Venue: Corpus Engineering Review Center (CERC) Sampaloc Manila



Method of Teaching Techniques _ August 5, 1989

Venue: Samson Institute of Technology Building


Safety Engineering – February 20, 1987

Venue: Philippines Engineers Review Center (PERC) CM Recto, Manila



I herby certify that the above subject stated is true and correct with the best knowledge’s / experience gathered in a whole years.



Applicant Signature,







Date: ____________


1982-1987 Electrical Engineer at University of Luzon, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.


2016 to present Electrical Engineer Inspector at Prime City Constructions Management

In-charges electrical construction works for the building.