Mary Ann M. Icatlo Caregiver



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Graduatedof Nursing with  health-care professional seeking  to be a part of a team of skilled nursing caregivers which care for individuals who are in need  competent healthcare.

Summary of Skills:
* Medication Administration                            * Supply Management

* Documentation and Charting                        * Assessments and Vitals

* CPR & First Aid                                                  * Assist patient ambulatory & basic hygiene

* Catheter change & preparation                    *Patientintake&  output monitoring

* IVFluid  Therapy                                                * Computer literate  Exel Word &  power point

* Strong abilities in multi-tasking                     * knowledge in medical equipment

Our Lady of Fatima University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduated October 2003 with Highest General Average

Passed Saudi Council Health Specialist Examination 2008

Certified Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 2011

Certified Basic Life Support


Philippine College of Technological Resourses (PCTR)
Graduated 1994- 1998

Canumay Elementary School
Graduated 1987-1994
Experience:                               Saudi German Hospital
Riyadh Saudi Arabia KSA


Staff Nurse OPD Surgery Dental Clinic:                                                                         15/06/2011 to  26/07/2012
·         Maintained accurate patient medical records by recording medical history ,vital sign and laboratory results

·         Ensured quality patient care throughout clinic; monitored chats  for precise documents

·         Assist physician with  procedures  pre and post of surgery

·         Preparation and approval of insurance for office visit, test and surgical procedures

·         Wound dressing and  removal of the suture

·         Performed  a number of medical procedures ,including temperature ,pulse and blood pressure read  hepa result ,TB testing and ECG and all laboratory results

·         Handled patient pharmacy needs  by phoning in prescriptions to preferred pharmacies and assisting with application and processing of medical assistance through pharmaceutical companies

·         Continually evaluated patient care needs ,prioritizing treatment and maintaining patient flow

AL-Nozha  Medical Center
Riyadh   Saudi Arabia KSA


Nurse Assistant: ER / OPD   Department                                                   02/09  / 2008 to  04/28/2010

·         Get complete medical history  and  physical examination of clients

·         Triage is the first step in the emergency to categorize the emergency patient according to the severity of  illness

·         Performed vital sign & weights measurement & documentation

·         Performed intake & output measurement & recording, assists ambulatory patients, glucometry  specimen collection & completion of assigned documentation

·         Followed Pre care & treatment plan as instructed by the Nurse & Physician

·         Performed IV fluid insertion & Medication Administration

·         Performed CPR ,First Aid, Neb.& wound dressing

·         Answered call lights in timely manner and support

·         Measured intake & output via urinary catheter

·         Instructed  patients medication & check up

·         Maintained professional composure &doctors in providing healthcare confidence during Emergency & stressful situation

·         Conducted all work related activities with respect for the privacy, rights & dignity of the patients & families
Valenzuela General Hospital
Karuhatan Valenzuela Metro Manila


Nursing Assistant: ER/ Medical Ward                                                                          03/26/2006 to 01/25/ 2008
·         Assist with care of long term and short term patients.

·         Monitor patient food & beverage intake and out by  urinary catheter

·         Take vital sign & collect samples for testing

·         Assist patients for special procedure like x-ray , 2D ECO  & therapy

·         Do a 12 Lead ECG read tracing and recording result

·         Assisted in admitting ,discharging & transferring of patients

·         Medication Administration ,documentation & charting

·         Change bed sheets and restock rooms with necessary supplies

·         Clean and sanitize patient areas

·         Turn or reposition patients &Examined patients for bruises ,blood in urine or other injuries/wounds

·         Lift patients into bed ,wheelchairs, exam tables, ect.

·         Collect information about condition and treatment plans of the patient

·         Performed movement of ambulatory patient and assisted in walking patients to bed and out of bed

·         Followed care & treatment plan as instructed by the registered nurse & physician


Life Extension Medical Center
Unit E 1370 Gen, Luna  St.Paco Manila


Nurse / Geriatric Patients                                                                                       01/12 / 2003 to 2005

·         Assist doctors in providing healthcare and support to elderly patients

·         Help to bathebedridden patients to prevent bedsores

·         Understand patients medications and administer them to clients as when due

·         Help to conduct regular screenings and routine check-up on patients

·         Help assess the cognitive skills and mental status of their patients

·         Observed, understand ,and manage peculiar old age health concerns like incontinence, insomnia , loss of strength and appetite, sexual issues as well as mobility challenges

·         Help to educate the families and caregivers of their patients on the best ways to care for them and keep them safe

·         Assist doctors with medical examinations and administer prescribed treatments

·         Help to maintain a chart for their  patients in order to have accurate records of patient’s medical history, treatment plan and progress

·         Help to perform prescribed tests on their patients ,like blood pressure checks, temperature ,respiration, pulse and blood sugar


Certificate &Seminar Attended
Ø  Fire & Safety  Orientation

Ø  2nd International Conference for Surgery

Ø  2nd International  Conference  for Surgery “ WORKSHOP”

Ø  10 Regular Sunday Scientific Lecture of  CME Program  1st,2nd 3rd& 4thnd,

Ø  Neonatal Resuscitation

Ø  Family systems therapy Adolescent Psychiatry

Ø  Vector Born Diseases

Ø  Avian and Pandemic Influenza

Ø  Nursing in TB control and special concerns

Ø  TUBERCULOSIS : A  Global Perspective

Ø  TB Treatment and Management& update


Personal Data:
Ages:                                                   36 yrs  old

Birthday:                                             October 21, 1980

Status:                                                 Single

Nationality:                                         Filipino


Born Again Christian

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