Ishmiel Talmal Drysdale Driver

chefDriverMinister of Religion (Pastor)

School: Donald Quarries High- 1994-1999.

Corner Stone Christian University-2012

Achievements: SSC. Bachelor degree in Theology and Pastoral counseling.

Occupation: Minister of Religion/ Marriage Officer.

Employment: COG of the First Born Seventh Day./Registrar General Department.

Experience: JCF -2003- 2006

Police Officer. Resigned voluntarily.

Olgas Pastries LTD- 1999- 2000


Wederbees Canteen Co Ltd. 1999-2000. Chef.

Hobbies: Cooking, listening to Gospel, counseling and reading.

Religion: Christianity.

References are available for your perusal.


2012 Bachelor degree. at Corner Stone Christian University
1994-1999 SSC at Donald Quarrie High
2003-2004 Jamaica Police College at JJ


2003-2006 Police Officer at Ministry of National Security