Hazeline E. Reyes Registered midwife

Ability to deal with emotionally charged situationsAbove average Computer literacyAbove average to both communication and writing skills in EnglishAccepts correction for the betterment of work related ethics.before the due dateExcellent working skillsGood Interpersonal skillMeet deadlines if not on the dotStrong observational skillVery well organizedWell focused in a hectic working environmentWorks with initiative and goes beyond what was expected to do without compromising the company’s protocol

A Licensed Professional in the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) in the year 2007, seeking a more challenging role in which I will be able to utilize my knowledge and skills not just as a Midwife/healthcare professional but to possibly apply all the acquired learning and experiences from previous employment.
 Consideration of the patients comfort and safety is a priority.
 Well skilled in handling patients with special needs and attention (ex: dementia patient)
 Initiates action in attending to a patient with emergency case (ex: unconscious patient) but not violating the protocols of the hospital.
 Accepts words of correction for the betterment of not just myself but for colleagues and patients and their relatives.
 Adoptable to any type of environment and establishes rapport to patients, relatives and specially colleagues.
 Goes beyond what has been expected to do
 Above average Computer literacy.
 Above average to both communication and writing skills in English.
 Ability to deal with emotionally charged situations.
 Excellent working skills
 Good Interpersonal skill.
 Strong observational skill.
 Meet deadlines if not on the dot, before the due date.
 Well focused in a hectic working environment.
 Very well organized.
 Works with initiative and goes beyond what was expected to do without compromising the company’s protocol.


1. Aug. 13, 2018 – Present Makati Medical Center 2 Amorsolo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229.

Nursing Aide

2. Nov. 5, 2016- July 31, 2018 De La Salle Medical Arts Center Aguinaldo Hi way
City of Damariñas, Cavite 4114
Medical Secretary
Duties and Responsibilities:
• BIR/tax related paper works.
• Vital Signs taking.
• Encoding of laboratories/diagnostic procedures of patients.
• Inventory 0f clinic supplies.
• In-charge of vaccine orders and inventory.

2. 2013 – Nov. 4, 2016 Ren Ci Community Hospital 71 Irrawady Road,
Singapore 329562
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Demonstrates clinical skills and knowledge in carrying out patient care.
A. Hygiene
 Hair wash
 Oral Hygiene
 Bed sponging, assisted shower/shower
 Nail care
 Shaving
 Skin care
 Foot care
B. Assist in elimination needs
 Inserting of suppositories
 Giving of fleet enemas
 Performing of urinary catheter and drainage.
C. Monitoring, reporting and recording
 Temperature, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation level, blood pressure and assessment.
 Reporting of any abnormalities to staff nurse.
D. Nutrition
 Serving diet
 Feeding patients orally
 Performing naso-gastric / gastrostomy tube feeding.
 Assisting staff nurse in ordering patients diet.
E. Mobility
 Turning, lifting and transferring patients.
 Assisting in the use of mobility device.
 Assisting in prescribed exercise (therapeutic/maintenance)
F. Carrying out simple treatment
 Nursing procedure. E.g Simple dressing
 Applying skin treatment as ordered.
 Administering of oxygen therapy.
 Assisting in specimen collection. E.g stool, sputum, urine and blood.
 Assisting in physical examination by Doctor.

G. Care of pressure sores
 Performing 2 hourly turning for the patients.
H. Bed making
I. House keeping
 Tidying of ward area and patients are.
 Participating in ward cleaning routines.
J. Last office / post mortem care
2. Respond promptly and appropriately to any emergencies.
1. Adhere to operational and nursing policies at ward level.
2. Assist in monitoring proper and economical usage of medical equipment, consumables and surgical supplies.
3. Maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the patients.
4. Assist in indenting supplies for ward requirements.
• Handles all dementia patients as a trained staff.
• Sends out patients to emergency department on a case to case basis. Performs basic life support otherwise.
• Sends out specimen to laboratory.
Note: Supposed to be upgraded as an ASSISTANT NURSE but due to the professional license of being a midwife rather than a nurse, it didn’t push through due to the company’s rules and regulation on upgrading staff.
3. 2013 – 2013 Jenny Potente Lying –in Clinic Salitran 1 City of Dasmariñas Cavite
Philippines, 4114

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide clean and safe environment for birthing mothers.
• Provide pre and post-natal check-ups for pregnant and birthing mothers.
• Prescribe right medication to pregnant and birthing mothers.
• Gives proper advice to pregnant and birthing mothers on what are the do’s and don’ts during and after pregnancy.
• Gives injection such as tetanus toxoid.
• Assist birthing mothers in the delivery of the baby and placenta.
• Performs episioraphy.
• Does follow up check-ups until 2 mos. after the delivery.
• Ensures safety of the baby after the delivery.
• Injects vaccines to baby such as Vitamin K, BCG, DPT, Hepa B, OPV.
• Does new born screening and sends it out to the laboratory for proper reading.
• Does follow up check-ups until 2 mos. after the delivery.

4. 2007 – 2012 De La Salle University Medical Center Aguinaldo Hi-way
City of Dasmariñas, Cavite
Philippines 4114
Duties and Responsibilities:
Job Description:
250 bed capacity

• Assists in the admission of patients to the unit.
• Receives requested medicines / supplies from the concerned cost centres’.
• Sends requests / specimen to diagnostic centres’.
• Prepares a clean, neat and dry bed for patients’ comfort.
• Prepares the necessary equipment / supplies needed for the patients’ use.
• Checks facilities for proper functioning like lights, buzzers, air condition, etc.
• Accompanies and orients patient / family to room set-up.
• Takes patient’s vital signs and weight when delegated by the staff nurse.
• Assists with other activities under the supervision of a staff nurse such as:
o Provides hygiene and physical comfort measures.
o Ensures proper nutritional intake such as feeding thru NGT.
o Assists patients to walk as permitted or transports by the wheelchair or stretcher to various departments.
o Assists the nurse in the “elimination process” of the patient.
o Ensures a safe and clean environment.
o Assists in meeting the patients’ spiritual needs.
• Carries out treatment and procedure under the supervision of nurse, like:
o Skin preparation for pre-op patients.
o Gives perennial care and specialized treatment.
o Administers hot and cold compress.
o Administers hot sitz bath.
o Cares for the body after death in accordance with the Nursing Service work instruction.
• Direct charging of equipment’s used by the patient such as oxygen, compressed air, cardiac monitor, suction machine, etc.
• Unit inventory and makes proper endorsement as delegated by the Head Nurse.
• Receives and drops soiled linen in the Linen Department.
• Assures adequacy of supplies and proper functioning of the equipment of the unit.
• Helps in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of the unit by implementing 5’S.
o Scrubs chart once a week.
o Defrosts refrigerator as needed during night shift.
o Cleans push carts and hampers and other equipment once a week.
o Cleans bedpans, urinals and other bedside equipment.
o Ensures that the housekeeper cleans the room after discharge of patient.
• Required to work on rotating shift.
• Participates in the activities of the department, hospital and or institution.
• Performs other duties and function as assigned.

Tertiary De La Salle Health Sciences Institute 2005 – 2007
Secondary St. Jude College Dasmariñas 2004 – 2005
Mary Help of Christians Montessori 2001 – 2004
Primary The Pleasant Mount School 1995 – 2001
Individual Development Plan De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Philippines 2010
Safety Orientation and Training De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Philippines 2011
Basic Life Support Training 71 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 2014
ITE 71 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 2016
Available upon request.


2005-2007 Graduate at De La Salle University Health Sciences Institute

Licensed Midwife in the Philippine Regulation Comission


2018 - present Nursing Aide at Makati Medical Center, Philippines

Assigned at the Pediatric intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

2016-2018 Medical Secretary at De La Salle Medical Arts Center

Held 10 pulmonary Doctors with all their paper works and legal documents.

2013-2016 Nursing Aide at Ren Ci Community Hospital, Singapore

Assigned at the Dementia ward male and female.

2012 Staff Midwife at Jenny Potente Lying-in Clinic, Philippines

Assisted pregnant mothers in prenatal, ante natal and post natal care.

Extraction of bloods.

Prescribing simple medications.

2007-2012 Staff Midwife / Nursing Aide at De La Salle University Medical Center, Philippines

Assigned in the following wards:

Pediatric ward
Pediatric Intensive Care
Medical ward
Surgical ward.
Medical Intensive Care (Occassionally)
OB ward (Occassionally)