City Address                          :               Room 1407 City Center Building Hamdan  Street

Abu Dhabi UAE

Cell phone                               :               00971-562533280

Email Address                        :               [email protected]

Passport #                               :               EB6065974


To work with an organization where I can continuously learn in the pursuit of achieving functional excellence, thus getting maximum job satisfaction and optimum career growth.


§   Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2003

§   Registered Nurse  (Philippines)

§   Computer Literate

§   Self- motivated and initiative

§   Flexible and eager to learn new skills

§   Assess conditions and implement intervention

§   Remain calm and professionalism in times of critical need

§   Relate well to people from variety of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds

§   Good listener and communicator

Working Experience
(1)     Nurse Assistant

European Canadian Mediacal Center

202 Butti Al Otaiba  Khalifa Street P.O Box 25333

Abu Dhabi UAE

(971) 26276750 – (971) 6221718

August. 09, 2009 – present


Job Description

Perform assessment and interventions under the direction and supervision of doctors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

§   Taking medical/ obstetrical  histories of patients.

§   Taking vital signs of patients.

§   Carry out doctors order

§   Sterilizing and preparing surgical instruments and equipment.

§   Assist the doctor in the procedure such as colposcopy, IUCD insertion)

§   Provide appropriate first aid and minor treatment.

§   Inspect and maintain the l facilities and supplies on a regular basis and ensure the availability of supplies and condition of the facilities / equipment.

§   Observing proper hand washing and universal precaution between doctors and patients and instruments.

§   Preparing the surgical instruments for the surgical procedure.

§   Observing aseptic technique before during and after the procedure.

§   Documenting all the patients and doctor encounters



(2)     Medical-Surgical Staff Nurse

United Doctors Medical Center (UDMC)

6N Ramirez Street Quezon City


May 29, 2006 – July. 16, 2009


Job Description

To provide a high standard of nursing care based on the assessment of care needs.


Duties and Responsibilities

§   To establish and maintain acceptable standard of quality patient service that bring health preservation, safety convenience and patient satisfaction.


§   Effectively identifies, evaluates disease prevention and health promotion in giving a quality care to patients.

§   To continuously assess the need and evaluate the quality of care given to patients.

§   Work as independent and interdependent relationship with members of the medical staff, which allows for consultation collaboration and referral

§   Educate patients and families about preventive care and medical issues

§   Teaches good health habit and communicate with patient family and for patient care plan.

§   Maintains legible, complete, accurate and confidential medical records by documenting all medical intervention and evaluation, diagnoses, procedures treatment, outcomes, educations, referral and consultations.

§   Prepare emergency situations by becoming familiarized with placement and proper use of emergency equipment.

§   Facilitates evaluation of records by physician and quality and standards according to protocol, and receives and implement directives.

§   Analyze new knowledge gained from conference, workshops, professional literature or hands-on-training and assimilates knowledge into clinical/hospital practice


(3)     Clinical Staff Nurse

Vizcarra Diagnostic Center

Segundina Bldg. 464 United Nation Ave. Ermita Manila

(632) 524-5641

December.05, 2005-March.15, 2006

Job Description:

To assess and provide a nursing care to patients as directed by the specialist.


Duties and Responsibilities:

§   Performs and document patients assessments (height, weight, blood pressure, health and physical history)

§   Assist physicians with the procedures

§   Treats patients and families with respect and compassion

§   Respect the confidentiality of medical records consultations and procedures

§   Administer oral and IM medications as ordered by physicians

§   Prepare patient physically, psychologically for treatment and specific procedure and diagnostic studies.

§   Cares for the instruments and medical equipment

§   Order stocks of appropriate inventory of medical0surgical supplies for module.










Educational Profile
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Lyceum Northwestern University

Dagupan City

March 2003

Graduate of Associate in Health Science Education (ASHE)

Lyceum Northwestern University

Dagupan City

March. 2001


Personal Profile:
Age                         :               31 years old

Date of Birth         :              06, August 1982

Sex                         :               Female

Civil Status           :               Married

Citizenship           :               Filipino

Weight                   :               63 kgs

Height                   :               5’4

Religion                                :               Roman Catholic

Language Spoken :              English, Tagalog, Ilocano

Spouse Name     :               Jay R. Banaga


Character Reference:
1.             Dr. Allan Wayne Smith

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Harley Street Medical Center


2.            Dr. Nawal Al Khalidi

Medical Director

European Canadian Medical Center   (Abu Dhabi)