Deanna Faye Palomero Baqueque Medical Laboratory Scientist

cutting of tissues)Histopathological skills (StainingmicroscopyPhlebotomy

I will be graduating this year with the degree of Medical Laboratory Science in University of Immaculate Conception.

-I am trained in the field of hematology, histopathology, medical microbiology, food and environmental microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microscopy, Serology and blood banking.

– I know how to manipulate automated machines especially in Chemistry section and I know how to maintain the quality control inside the laboratory

– I am also knowledgeable in staining tissue samples, cutting and other processes inside the Histopathology Lab

– I am also trained in phlebotomy section wherein I was trained at a public hospital here in Davao City, Philippines

– I am also trained in microscopy and was able to correlate the results well

– I am also trained to read and interpret the reactions of the agar plates in Microbiology Lab and able to know the possible organism using the biochem tubes


2015-2019 Graduate at University of Immaculate Conception


October-November 2018 Medical Laboratory Science Intern at Southern Philippines Medical Center
November-December 2018 Medical Laboratory Science Intern at Davao Regional Medical Center
January-February 2019 Medical Laboratory Science Intern at St. Elizabeth Hospital Incorporated