Cherry Dela Cruz Domestic Housekeeper

Housekeeper - Households Helper

As a reliable and trustworthy housekeeper / home helper . I will perform households tasks that helps them to continue to leave in the home that they loved. When find themselves unable to maintain their own home. Prepare foods clean ups what their needs.

I’m applying a job as a Housekeeper / home helper.

I want to work based on your contracts . I will seriously work hard and could work this fulfilling career opportunity at home. And an employer who could financed me on working visa & ticket and other employment papers needed to work at your country.

Hoping and waiting for immediately job.

I’m looking forward to hear your reply soon.

Thank you.


June 2011 - October 2011 Computer Hardware NCll at ONDA Technology Training Center
January 2006 - March 2006 Waitering and Fine Dining Preparations at City Women's Training Center
October 2009 - December 2009 Housekeeping NCll at Asian Touch International Institute inc.


September 2006 - April 2009 Households Service Worker at Overseas Households Employer

Doing households chores , maintaining cleanliness throughout the area / home. Prepare food what their needs

May 2012 - September 2012 Field Enumerator - community based monitoring system at City Planning and Development Office

Conducts interview to constituents of the city. Rough draft sketching of new alleys in some town where we are assign in placed we are monitoring, after will submitted to the city planning office for their final works.

September 2014 - April 2019 Domestic Housekeeper / Households Service Workers at Overseas Households Employer

As a Households service worker I’m performing duty and responsibilities on my daily works , to emphasized cleanliness throughout the area / home. Clean and sanitized. Maintaining their own home. Prepares food and clean ups what they needs