Catherine V. Mondares Proffessional Caregiver

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Catherine V. Mondares

contact# +639358794269/ +639398803720.

Birthday: January 25,1995

Age: 24 years old

Heigth: 5’2

Weigth: 60 kil0s

Color Hair: Black

Color Skin: a little bit White Skin

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Religion: Roman Catholic


2001-2006 Pangalangan Elementary School.

2007-2010 Pangalangan National High School

2011-2012 Emilio Aguinaldo College

Course: Vocational Caregiver Graduate.

2013-2015 The National Tearcher’s College

Course: Bachelor Of Secondary Education Major in Science.

Undergrad / 2nd year and 1st Semester Done schooling.

” Working Experience”

2015-2019 Helping Hands Foundation  Incorporation.

Nursing Home For The Elderly.

Position: Proffessional Caregiver

Case Handle Disabilities Patient:

  • Parkinson Deseas
  • Alzhaimer / Dimentia
  • Diabetic Patient
  • Stroke Patient
  • Heart Problem
  • Prostate Cancer Stage 4
  • Nacal Gastric Gube
  • PEG Tube
  • Bedridden Patient width Bedsore.. STAGE 1 OR STAGE OR Stage 4 i can handle.
  • Treachostomy Patient.