Dapitan, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

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Patient-focused Emergency Room Nurse with experience in providing care. Clinical expertise in venipuncture, medication administration, wound care, and minor surgical assistance. Looking to take next career step with a highly respected medical organization committed to enhancing patient outcomes and quality of care.



Personal Information

Age: 25 years old

Date of Birth: 22 April 1993

Place of Birth: Lapu-lapu City

Gender: Female

Height: 165cm

BMI: 20.3

Civil Status: Single

Religion: Roman Catholic

Nationality: Filipino

Language: Cebuano, Tagalog, English


Work Experience
Staff Nurse

Emergency Room

Dr. Ignacio M. Cortes Gen. Hospital

S.B Cabahug St. Mandaue City

100 Bed Capacity

1 Jun 2015- Present


Direct Patient Care


• Perform initial patient assessments and work with physicians to plan, implement, and evaluate plans of care for patients of all ages; manage average caseload of 20 patients.
• Record patients’ medical history, vital statistics, and test results in electronic and physical medical charts.
• Observe patients and actualize nursing interventions to expedite healing and recovery after surgery.
• Utilize clinical expertise to remove sutures, administer medications and injections, administer IV therapy, and testglucose levels. Perform venipuncture, and provide wound care.

Patient Education and Staff Development


• Educate patients and caregivers on diagnosis, treatment options, and disease process and self-management.
• Provide comprehensive instruction on discharge plans to sustain continuity of care upon discharge and drive recovery goals.
• Precept student nurses and new hires on unit and hospital policies, clinical skills, and direct patient care.

Nursing Administration


• Maintain confidential patient charts and medical files; successfully organized, updated, and managed 200+ patientcharts at Dr. Ignacio M. Cortes General Hospital.
• Monitor and maintain inventory and supply levels; prepare and submit supply replenishment orders to maintain par levels.
• Implement new floor assignments based on staffing requirements.
• Identify opportunities for improvement in procedures, unit activities, and treatment.



Educational Background
Tertiary:​​University of Cebu​​​​​2009-2013

​​​Governor Cuenco Avenue Banilad Cebu City ​


Secondary:​​Saint Alphonsus Catholic School (SACS)​            2005-2009

Lapu-lapu City Cebu


Primary:​​Pilipog Elementary School​​​            1999-2005

​​​Pilipog Cordova Cebu



Trainings and Seminars
ECG Reading and Basic Interpretation        ​        ​​​ February 15, 2013

Nursing Skills Laboratory 3, University of Cebu- Banilad


IV Cannulation Training                                           ​​​ February 9, 2013​Nursing Skills Laboratory 3, University of Cebu- Banilad


Preparing for the Leadership: What it takes to take the Lead                   October 3, 2012

Audio Visual Room 1, University of Cebu- Banilad


Employability of the Nurses                                    ​​             October 2, 2012

Audio Visual Room 2, University of Cebu- Banilad


Basic Life Support- CPR Training for Healthcare Providers                 April 2-3, 2012​

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Auditorium Cebu City


Special Skills


• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Organizational and managerial skills
• Reliable and responsible
• Strong analytical and observational skills
• Excellent knowledge of using the medical equipment


• Proficient in MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications